Theories of Relativity

Rules Of THE STREET--Keep to yourself--Don't run up debts--Hustle on your own turf--And don't become friends with the beautiful girl who works the street for someone else-------from Theories of Relativity, quoted by Sophia Li

The equation above is for the "real" theories of relativity from Albert Einsten.
After Dylan has read about this and starts thinking his own theories from this.

image by albert

The main character Dylan is a homeless people.

Jun Lee
Jun Lee

The main character, Dylan has a habit which is asking for Spare change
.By_Noah.jpgThis is the general Theory of Relativity this book has increased my inerest in Science so it has inspired me to right a scientific poem it goes like this
I manage to see and obsorve
trying to theorize what i conceive
to prove the fact that it is not passive
that it is allways true and firm
doesnt bend to any one to any form.
it is always under our nose calling
"i am here see me acknowledge me
for i will prove to hold the necessity
that can neat the fact indubitabley".
i am a theory i can be true i can be false
one thing is for shure in every way that you
can get me wrong you will get me wrong
until relating me to the right trigure
prove me and i will get you one step
to relate me to nature giving you baby steps
to mature to theorize from the clue sets.
by Jun Lee
by Jun Lee

The person in this photo is Albert Einstein.
When most people think about genius, they at least think about Einstein once.
I think Dylan chose the book 'Theory of Relativity' for be looked like a librarian,
because if he read something about Einstein, people don't think him as a begger.Social_Pyrimid.jpg
Ancient Egyptian social pyromid. Even here, we can see that as biger your theory,
as higher you are in pyromid.
by Albert

The Images shows Dylan called Glen and told Glen that he can start work.
Dylan tried to start his new life. He was tire to live in street, not food no anything.