Alice is the most interesting person in this book Alice is a fifteen-year-old girl's day-to-day struggle with drug addiction. Created during the height of the drug the girl could be anyone from this time who found herself seduced By betty
o Ask Alice

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The mean of this picture,I think everyone knows
The story connect to a girl named Alice and she had taking drug
and somethings happens to her,that make her feels alone.No one
to talk to,she ever can not tell she's parten,what happen to her,
Sometime she against to herself,she feels like no one really can
talk to and fear they won't unforgive her.
She had a habit was write daily,since important things happen. Wan Ling Zeng

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    in this story we know alice because drink so touch some drugs.In my opinion i think we need to project ourself and love our life.far away the drug shanshan bai

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    pleas everyone far away the drugs! shanshan bai
    girls please don't drink too much and far away the drugs shanshan bai

Avoid drugs it won’t do anything good for us. Drugs can damage the brain, heart, and other important organs that we need.Please don’t fall for drugs .Don’t let drugs to change you and let your self down.

Taking drugs is not a real good way to deal with emotional problems.
I'm talking about day in day out frequent use of a drug to make the pain go away.
Here's the problem: the pain won't really go away and before you know it, you'll be person in pain with a drug habit.
By Anahita.FF
Parents often assume that teens try alcohol and drugs to rebel or to "fit in" with their peer group. However, teens with undiagnosed emotional or behavioral problems often use drugs and alcohol as a way to relieve their frustrations. A depressed teen may self-medicate with alcohol to escape the terrible sense of hopelessness. Unfortunately, alcohol only exacerbates the problem. Drugs like ecstasy and other club-drug uppers may even make them feel "normal" when for weeks they have felt miserable. The impact of such drugs on serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, chemicals in the brain that regulate mood, can be devastating for children and adolescents. The damage they do to receptors in the brain can make the road back from depression even harder so try not to be one of them. by betty